Stainless steel water bottle thermos Leak proof- keeps cold 24HRS | hot 12HRS

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  • ULTIMATE BOTTLE FOR COFFEE IN THE MORNING AND COLD DRINKS FOR YOUR SPORT ACTIVITIES – vacuum-insulated Stainless steel, double-walled water bottle – preserve liquid temperature. Keeps liquids cold 24HRS | hot 12HRS. CONDENSATION-FREE with cold beverages
  • ONE HAND OPERATION – push button opens a flip top LEAK PROOF lid with a single button click. UNDER THE TOP THERE IS A SIPPING DEVICE, WHICH IS KEPT HYGIENICALLY CLEAN from dust or whatever is around you at the moment. And a SAFETY LOCK prevents dripping accidents (if the bottle is in your bag for example)
  • TOXIC FREE – FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY – BPA, phthalates and lead free. Food grade stainless steel material 18/8 (304) stainless steel Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.
  • WIDE MOUTH DESIGN – insert ice cubes easily with this wide mouth design, or wash it with a brush, for a quick and easy maintenance.

The ultimate bottle – Designed with you in mind. Whether it’s going to office or study, going to the gym, or hiking, running or biking.
Whatever you choose, the Eigi-Pro bottle will keep you hydrated.
Unique technology keeps beverages hot up to 12 hours, and cold drinks up to 24 hours. At the office, fill it with water, keep it close to you and you will drink more all day long.
You can put it in your bag when you’re on the go – it won’t leak, it won’t spill – a double safety mechanism built from a push button and a safety lock prevents any leaking accidents. It won’t condense – Double-wall vacuum insulation – prevents it from condensing if the beverage is cold, and you won’t burn your hand while holding it if the bottle is filled with hot drink.
It is Eco-friendly. Stop the wastefulness of bottled water. Stop filling the world with those plastic bottles.
The bottle is fully 100% recyclable.
Stainless steel is a healthy material. It is toxic free – BPA, phthalates and lead-free. Made out from food grade stainless steel material 18/8 (304).

Full Feature list:

  • Keeps liquids cold 24HRS | hot 12HRS
  • Zero condensation, zero leakage
  • Does not leak, even if inverted or shaken
  • Fit in most cars and bikes drink holders
  • The surface of the bottle does not get hot/cold from the drink
  • Condensation-free with cold beverages (does not sweat)
  • Insert ice cubes easily with the wide mouth design
  • Toxic free – BPA, phthalates and lead-free. Food grade stainless steel material 18/8 (304). Doesn’t rust
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Push button opens a pop-up lid, reveals sipping device kept hygienically clean under the hood
  • Safety lock prevents dripping accidental when carried your bag.
  • Won’t absorb smells
  • Ergonomically designed make it easy to grip when filling and handling it.


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